One of the oldest U-Pick Orchards in the Flathead Valley

Bring your family for the ultimate farming adventure and experience U-Pick Cherries in Montana!


***Closed for the Season – See you in 2024!***



About Us

Hockaday Orchards is located at the Peaceful Valley Ranch on Angel Point.  We are approximately 5 miles south of Lakeside, Montana.  We are a 100+ year old, family run orchard that allows people to come and pick their own cherries.

For four generations, we’ve opened our you pick orchard to people all over the world, passing through, for some of the best cherries on Flathead Lake


Current Picking Status

We are now closed for the season.

To get more information, please visit our FAQ page or visit our How the U-Pick Process Works page.

Come Pick With Us!

Once we open, our hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. – 7 days a week.

Cherries are $1.25 per pound if you pay via cash or checks (local). If paying by credit card the price is $1.35/lb to offset fees.


How to Get to Hockaday Orchard

We are approximately 5 miles south of Lakeside, on Angel Point.

If you are driving with GPS/Maps input: 25 Hockaday Lane, Lakeside, MT and it will bring you to the orchard.

Or, click the link below to get detailed directions and a map: 

Fresh Picked Lambert Cherries
Hockaday Orchard in Bloom
Fresh Lambert Cherries on the Tree
Heirloom Royal Anne Cherries Fresh Picked
Generation #5 Picking Cherries

Family Friendly

We’ve served generations of families, since 1910. We try to be as family friendly as possible and in order to ensure your visit goes smoothly, please be sure to visit our page explaining how the whole process works.

Have More Questions?

Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, as it answer many questions we get

We post regular Cherry Crop Status updates as the season goes along here:

But, if your question is not answered there, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Hardy Giant Cherries on the Tree

Latest Recipes and Tips

It is really easy to get carried away when you are picking cherries, and end up with far more than you realize!  The question always comes up – we can only eat so many, what do we do with the rest! Fresh cherries freeze really well, and they also make really good, jam, pie, and drinks. Plus, so much more! In our Recipes section, we share with you a lot of different ways you can use your fresh cherries, before they go bad!

Cherry Bounce Recipe

Cherry Bounce Recipe

unsplash-logoVictoria Shes Cherry Bounce takes a long time to make, so it does require patience, but is oh so very good when done.  You can use different liquors to get completely different drinks. If you haven't had a fruit bounce before, you are missing out!...

Fresh Cherry Pie Recipe

Fresh Cherry Pie Recipe

unsplash-logoBrooke Lark There is nothing better than a home-made cherry pie. People often think of pies as being labor intensive, but realistically, pies are really easy to make. The secret? Buy the crust! 🙂  Everybody thinks you need pie cherries to make a...

Granny’s Freezer Jam Recipe

Granny’s Freezer Jam Recipe

unsplash-logoMario Mesaglio Fruit Jam can be very intimidating for most cooks. Freezer Jam is the way to go! Making Freezer Jam is easy, takes 3 ingredients and lasts a very long time. It is also easy to modify based on the type of fruit you are using, and dietary...

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