COVID19 Compliance Update

How We are Dealing with COVID-19 Compliance

Due to COVID19, we will be making some changes with our operations.  We feel we can meet the social distancing guidelines easily. You will be responsible for minimizing the size of your group, and ensuring everyone in your group is related, or has quarantined together, and is not showing any signs of COVID. 

Here are the ways we are addressing the situation:

  • If you, or any member of your group is showing signs of being sick: sore throat, headache, stomach issues, fever, cough, we ask that you not come to the orchard.
  • Only one person at a time at the sign up desk and for weighing out cherries.  The rest of your group must remain back
  • Hand washing station and hand santizer will be provided
  • Portapotty will be regularly santized with Micro-ban
  • Pens, tables, buckets and touchable services will be santized with Micro-ban, bleach water and other WHO approved dissinfectants.
  • Buckets will remain in the sun when not in use
  • People will be asked to social distance while waiting for sign in and check out.
  • Please limit your groups to 10 or less
  • Please bring your own shallow boxes and containers to put your cherries in (DO NOT USE BAGS!!)

If you have questions, please feel free to Contact Us