Scientist think they’ve identified two problematic chemicals that are contributing to colony collapse disorder. Hockaday Orchards is committed to protecting our bees and will be label checking to make sure we are not using either chemical.

Two chemicals – imidadoprid and clothianidin have been identified as possible pesticides contributing to the disorder. You can read more here. We are very fortunate to have a large population of bees, both honey and bumblebee, who contribute to the pollination of our orchard. These are wild colonies, we do not ship bees in. Although we are required by state law to spray the fruit, we do not spray during pollination. We are very aware of our bees and we do as much as we can to allow the orchard to be “at rest” during the pollination cycle.

We will continue to monitor all of our sprays for the two components listed, we are not to our knowledge, using any spray that contains them now, but we will continue to watch and be sure we do not.